Global Homeless Day


Would you like to draw attention to the problems homeless and poor are suffering in your area and give homeless people a voice?

Would you like to help ?  What can Church’s, Schools, Youth groups, Businesses and others do ?

Promote your favorite non profit or charity or start your own grassroots  homeless charity day by volunteering and hosting  Global Homeless Day 5/5/2015 event ! 

Help Homeless Families, Children Veterans and others with a Food, Tent, and Sleeping Bag Drive

Help Feed Homeless Pets

Get The Government Involved – Protest criminalization and police brutality against poor and homeless,  Homelessness is not a crime ! Rally !!

Use your Imagination ! Painting, Music, Photography, Poetry, Writing and blogging, Produce a Global Homeless Day YouTube Video !

Please follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook and join other homeless, hunger, and poverty advocates and activists from around the world every May 5th as we promote Global Homeless Day !

UPDATE:  We are looking for Youtube video’s produced by you promoting Global Homeless Day.  Winners will be heavily promoted as well as featured here !  Celebrities are encouraged to make charity performances that day or  make promotional P.S.A. clips for this wonderful charitable cause as well !

*NEW !    Global Homeless Day 2015 News

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Global Homeless Day 5 – 5 advocates and activists from around the globe highlighting homelessness, poverty and hunger